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Dispute Resolution Solicitors

Heald Nickinson's dispute resolution solicitors offer expert advice and assistance – aiming to give you fair and fast action that can lead to the rapid resolution of a potential dispute.

Litigation can be expensive, time consuming and emotionally draining. Even when legal proceedings are concluded it is sometimes difficult to tell who has won and whether it was really worth it. More importantly, disputes can distract you from both your personal and professional goals.

If there is one thing we can agree on - no one chooses to disagree in a way which leads to a legal dispute. Taking appropriate and early advice can prevent the matter worsening in the longer term.

Alternative Dispute resolution (ADR)

In the belief that prevention is better than cure, our services to clients often begin with an attempt to prevent a legal dispute from escalating unnecessarily.

We can advise you about effective and efficient business practices which minimise the risk, cost and time taken up by disputes and therefore we are able to give you back the time you need to concentrate on your business activities.

If a dispute arises, our lawyers are able to identify the core issues of the matter and to provide effective and pragmatic advice which may forestall proceedings. If necessary however you will find us experienced in representing clients in major litigation in the High Court, the Court of Appeal, Tribunals and other specialist divisions of the courts.

Fast, effective and efficient

If you are thinking of suing or are about to be sued you need good legal advice.  We can help you identify a strategy that will save you time and money.  Court action is not necessarily the solution to your problem.  It may be easier and cheaper to resolve the problem by negotiation.

We can help you do that with ADR.

The principles of ADR remain the same regardless of the size of your company or the problem.  We know how to apply those principles in your best interests.

Our expert commercial lawyers offer advice on: -

  • contract
  • insolvency
  • building and construction
  • landlord and tenant
  • trademark and copyright
  • IT and intellectual property
  • employment
  • professional negligence
  • company and partnership
  • consumer
  • personal injury
  • defamation
  • road traffic
  • property
  • contentious probate

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If you are a consumer and we have made contact with you by electronic means, you may be entitled to use an EU online dispute resolution service to assist with any contractual dispute you may have with us. That is at http://ec.europa.eu/commission/index_en