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Family Law

Although relationship breakdown can seem overwhelming, the experienced team at Heald Nickinson provides support when it is time to deal with the details. During separation and divorce, children and finances form a large part of the arrangements. Each of our family solicitors understands the need for timely, practical advice and to discuss the options with care and sensitivity. 

Experienced Family Law Solicitors in Surrey: Farnham, Camberley & Bracknell Offices

Our team of specialist solicitors works with unmarried and married couples in all aspects of family law, from pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements to divorce and parenting plans, along with child and care proceedings, financial matters and emergency injunctions. 

Subject to eligibility, Heald Nickinson offers public funding under the legal aid scheme, where available. In all cases, the firm strives to provide an unmatched level of care and attention to detail, to achieve the best outcome possible. In the event of disputes involving child contact and financial arrangements, the firm’s specialist divorce lawyers guide clients in Camberley, Farnham, Bracknell, Berkshire and Surrey through their options and legal procedures.  

At Heald Nickinson, family solicitors assist clients with various public and private law matters, including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Divorce
  • Financial orders
  • Pre and post-nuptial agreements
  • Children and care proceedings
  • Emergency injunctions
  • Alcohol and substance misuse
  • Mental health difficulties
  • Sexual abuse
  • Neglect
  • Domestic violence
  • Non-accidental injuries to children
  • Revocation and discharge of care and placement orders
  • Applications for contact with children in local authority care

Relationship Preparation

Partners and spouses with significant assets might wish to opt for a pre-nuptial or post-nuptial agreement, which specifies how they would divide money and property if the relationship ended. In particular, this type of agreement may be of value if either partner has a business or children from a previous relationship. 

Specialist advice is recommendable from the beginning, as well as sufficient time to draft the terms. 

Pre-Marital/Pre-Civil Partnership Agreements

Because the courts are increasingly taking notice of this present-day tenet of collaborative law, such contracts have become a shrewd part of financial planning. Signed before formalising the partnership, prenuptial contracts are a way to segregate parental loans, such as for house deposits, or to protect children’s trust funds. Pragmatically, these contracts detail what the two parties would expect to happen if their relationship ended. 

Both types of agreement are similar; they are sometimes termed prenuptial agreements

Cohabitation Agreements

Over recent decades, civil legislation and case law have set precedents that cohabiting partners can claim a share of previously owned assets from the other. It could be astute, therefore, to consider the consequences of a possible future separation. Cohabitation agreements list the partners’ financial intentions in detail, before formally registering the relationship.

Civil Partnerships

If you and a same-sex partner want to formalise your relationship by entering into a civil partnership, you might have wondered about a financial agreement. Notably, legal precedent also applies to gay and lesbian couples that entered into a civil partnership without drawing up a pre-civil partnership agreement beforehand. In the event of a dissolution, their property and savings could be subject to the same type of division as a divorcing husband and wife.

Relationship Breakdown: Divorce and Separation

Naturally, changes in domestic circumstances can lead to difficult or challenging situations. As a result, high-quality advice and personalised, expert support from a respected legal practice can make all the difference. 

Our respected and experienced solicitors work in all areas of family law, handling sensitive and complex cases with empathy and professional care. In addition to the London, Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey areas, the practice welcomes client enquiries from other parts of the country. 

Parenting Plans and Child Arrangement Orders

When the breakup of a relationship has led to a dispute in contact and living arrangements concerning a child or children, good advice and timely assistance are essential. Our divorce lawyers in Surrey offer legal representation in child arrangement, special guardianship and prohibited steps orders. In family matters, each situation is different, so our solicitors tailor their advice to meet clients’ exact needs. 

With Heald Nickinson, you can count on the dedication and tenacity to achieve the right outcome. To discuss your situation in total confidence with an expert adviser who understands the case, please contact us today.

Child Care

In formal processes initiated by local authorities, child care proceedings might involve immediate Emergency Protection Orders or EPOs. Alternatively, if a local authority applies for a Care and Supervision Order, it could affect long-term care or living arrangements for the minor(s) concerned. 

In such circumstances, our clients can rely on experienced solicitors to navigate through the procedure, respond to letters and represent parental interests. Additionally, the legal team assists extended family members with Special Guardianship Orders and advises parents, guardians and other close relatives who are considering challenging a negative assessment. 

Child Maintenance

Our solicitors have gained Law Society accreditation in recognition of their skills in resolving maintenance agreements for children. We also remain committed to ensuring clients have access to legal aid where applicable, subject to the scheme criteria. 

Alternatively, we offer competitive hourly rates and initial one-hour fixed fee consultations for general discussions.

Financial Settlements and Maintenance

Transitions can be challenging for parents and families. Our experienced specialists support clients through difficult times while offering clear advice on the legal position. With Heald Nickinson, a dedicated lawyer and a knowledgeable back-up team are at your disposal. 

Property Issues

As clients expect, our knowledgeable team provides clear and comprehensive advice regarding family finances, whether the case involves modest assets, complex issues, or high net worth. 

Disputes between Co-Habiting Couples

Nowadays, case law means that courts in England and Wales will usually implement the terms of voluntary pre-marital agreements. Significantly, the two parties must have agreed the contractual terms without coercion or pressure; both must have received full and proper information about the other’s financial circumstances. 

Collaborative Separation and Divorce

Of course, every financial and family situation is unique. Wherever possible, the best way to resolve relationship issues is away from the courts. At Heald Nickinson, therefore, our solicitors work to provide a bespoke plan to meet your exact needs and requirements. 


When facing difficult family issues, personalised service is as important as knowledge and expertise. With your agreement, our specialist team will explore the possibility of mediation, collaborative law, or arbitration with you and your ex-partner’s representative, as appropriate.

As well as representing clients, we also provide legal advice during mediation to ensure the best result possible in the interests of all the parties concerned, including children. 


Following a divorce, it could be advisable to amend one’s will. Here at Heald Nickinson, our divorce solicitors will advise you further. With a legal expert from our estate planning and trust service to draft your will, you can be sure that your loved ones will receive your inheritance as you intended.

If you have any questions, would like to discuss your requirements or wish to make an appointment with divorce lawyers in Surrey, please telephone 01276 680000 or contact us here in confidence. 

Heald Nickinson – a wealth of experience, an unsurpassed level of care.

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