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Wills, Trusts & Probate

After a bereavement and during times of change, Heald Nickinson provides clients with a confidential and comprehensive legal service. Their expert solicitors offer understanding, clarity and certainty.

Legal Support Through Change

Through what can be difficult and uncertain times, Heald Nickinson ensures the highest standards of advice and support for clients. Their knowledgeable team strives to meet client needs through bespoke, individual service, whether to support the nominated executor(s) or by acting as executors for the estate of the deceased. 

Offering clients more than a century and a half of experience, this eminent legal firm dates back to the 1850s, with offices originally in London and Camberley. Nowadays, the Surrey practice is one of the largest and most respected in the area, supporting a broad portfolio of private and commercial clients. Always prepared to go the extra mile, Heald Nickinson solicitors work to minimise stress through periods of change and give professional, impartial guidance.

Probate and Estate Administration

If you are the nominated executor of a will, you are legally responsible for the administration of the deceased’s estate. This responsibility involves calculating and settling inheritance taxes, organising assets and dealing with bequests (i.e. property given) in accordance with the instructions and terms of the will.

However, to administer an estate, it is first necessary to apply for a grant of probate. Naturally, you want reliable advice and proactive support. Here at Heald Nickinson, we offer an individual support service for executors of wills. On your instructions, we can request probate on your behalf and simplify matters in times of potential upheaval and transition. 

If you wish, as a client we will assist you with:

  • Organising a valuation of the estate.
  • Collecting any funds due.
  • Completing personal and inheritance tax returns, as required by HMRC.
  • Paying of creditors and tax due.
  • Selling property.
  • Distributing assets and funds in accordance with the will.
  • Managing trusts on behalf of the deceased.

As the nominated executor of a will, the choice is yours. Instruct us to complete the probate formalities and – if you wish – to also act as executor on your behalf. 

Additionally, our experts will advise you regarding the legal situation and estate administration if someone close to you has died without having written a will. 

In all cases, your solicitor will work to simplify the process and resolve matters as straightforwardly and promptly as possible. 

Wills and Succession Planning

With Heald Nickinson experts to help you with drafting your will, you can be sure that your loved ones receive the benefits of your inheritance as you intended and when the time comes. During the will writing process, we help you to review and organise your assets. 

Depending on the financial situation and circumstances, it is usually possible to plan proactively to minimise unnecessary tax. As well as structuring wills to protect family members, your solicitor will be pleased to advise on business succession planning. With the right support, organising the eventual handover of one’s interests ensures that the transition is as free of complications as possible. 

At the head of the Heald Nickinson team, the firm’s partners oversee all wills, probate, trust and tax work for clients. Your dedicated solicitor will work to understand your unique situation and help you to protect your assets against life events such as bereavement and divorce.

Will Writing Services

Writing a will is a proactive measure to ensure that the eventual estate passes to successors in accordance with one’s wishes – and in the most tax-efficient manner. 

Heald Nickinson solicitors will help you write your will and:

  • Name executor(s) to manage the estate after your passing.
  • Ensure your money goes where you choose.
  • Bequeath property and other legacies to whom you wish.
  • Minimise inheritance tax liabilities, wherever possible.
  • Donate to the charity or charities of your choice, should you desire.
  • Provide for changes in circumstances such as marriage, divorce and the birth of children or grandchildren.
  • Specify legal guardians for children who have not reached the age of majority.

Unfortunately, when people die without making a will, the law of intestacy dictates how to deal with their estate. Intestacy law tends to be rigid – so the results may not reflect what you wanted, nor be tax-efficient. To avoid such uncertainty, we recommend writing a will to plan for one’s ultimate passing. Heald Nickinson experts can adapt your last will and testament to suit your circumstances, with proper provision to match your situation and desires. 

Nowadays, it is possible to make a will in person, by phone, by post or online. Also, should you wish, we will be pleased to accept nomination as your future executors. 

To discuss your requirements or make a will, please contact us


Putting assets into a trust protects your wealth, both now and in the future. In a legal trust, you nominate a person or persons as official trustees, who then manage the asset(s) according to your instructions. Trusts are a legal instrument to manage money, investments, property or land, whether you wish your family or anyone else to benefit. 

You might, for instance, decide to set up a trust arrangement in order to:

  • Pass property on to the next generation.
  • Fund your children’s or grandchildren’s education.
  • Provide for children of partners from different relationships.
  • Reduce your inheritance tax liability.
  • Manage any compensation payments.
  • Protect the funds and assets from divorced partners or creditors.

Of course, every financial and family situation is unique. At Heald Nickinson, therefore, our solicitors and inheritance experts work with you closely to provide a bespoke plan to meet your exact needs and requirements. 

We invite you to benefit from expert support today for will, trust and estate planning for assets held throughout the UK and globally. Please call or contact us here. All advice is in confidence; we will be glad to help.

Heald Nickinson – a wealth of experience, an unsurpassed level of care.

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Managing Partner

Wills, Trusts and Probate

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Wills, Trusts and Probate

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Wills, Trusts and Probate

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Wills, Trusts and Probate


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